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Faculty Interest Groups

A Faculty Interest Group (FIG) is a group of five to thirty people with a shared interest in a particular aspect of teaching and learning. Intended to foster scholarly teaching and scholarship about teaching, the Koehler Center supports FIGs with organizational help (finding meeting rooms and advertising). FIG members schedule the meetings and set the agendas. Each FIG has a coordinator who takes responsibility for maintaining the group and working with the Koehler Center on logistics.


Insights Magazine

Insights Magazine is published electronically twice a year by the Koehler Center for Teaching Excellence. It features faculty articles about teaching innovation, student engagement, and professional development. It also showcases upcoming Koehler Center events, workshops, and speakers.

Koehler Center Library

The Koehler Center Library houses a collection of current books and journals on subjects such as active learning, online learning, course development, and the scholarship of teaching and learning. Materials may be checked out by TCU faculty and students between 8:00 am-5:00 pm, Monday–Friday .​ Search the catalog.

Mid-semester Analysis Poll (MAP)

Mid-semester Analysis Poll (MAP) is a method of evaluation that uses facilitated classroom discussion to provide feedback to improve teaching and student learning. A MAP consists of three parts: an instructor pre-meeting, a class-polling visit, and an instructor post-meeting. The process starts with an instructor pre-meeting to become familiar with your course and discuss the process. During the class-polling visit we will give students the opportunity to reflect about what is helping or impeding their learning, as well as what could be improved individually, as a group, and as a whole class. In the post-meeting, we wilI debrief the results of the class-polling visit as we discuss trends and themes. You will be provided with a written report and additional resources. The MAP process includes individual student reflection and accountability measures, as well as detailed qualitative and quantitative data collection to share with you in the post-meeting.

New Faculty Orientation

New Faculty Orientation welcomes new instructional staff to the TCU community of teacher-scholars. If you’ve ever been to an orientation, you know they can seem like an “information dump” where a variety of speakers each take five minutes to make announcements. That’s not our model; we don’t want to waste precious time making announcements. During orientation, faculty learn about the services and resources related to their careers as TCU teacher-scholars. You will become familiar with the TCU student, as well as TCU’s culture and community. Immediately applicable advice about succeeding as TCU faculty will be the focus of this event.

One-to-One Consultation

The Koehler Center offers individual consultations for full-time and adjunct faculty in a wide range of instructional and design areas. Please schedule a One-To-One Consultation by submitting the request form. All individual consultations are confidential. Faculty can meet with professional educational consultants for feedback, recommendations, or support.

Open Lab

The Open Lab is a place for any faculty member, staff member, graduate student, post-doc, or adjunct who is teaching or supporting teaching at TCU to drop in and work with Koehler Center staff. This is a free development opportunity, and no appointment is necessary.​

Come to Open Lab if you…

  • are curious about new pedagogical strategies to encourage active, engaged learning​
  • have questions about using TCU Online
  • would like someone to talk through a teaching idea with you
  • need help integrating educational technology​
  • want a quiet place to work independently within earshot of someone who can offer support​

Learn more about Open Lab, the location, and hours on our Open Lab page.

Syllabus and Course Design Consultation

A Syllabus or Course Design Consultation is an opportunity for faculty to work with a Koehler staff member to reflect, discuss, assess, and redesign course content and/or structure. This process helps TCU faculty members measure learning in their courses and incorporates best practices for student achievement.

TA / GA Support

We offer departments an orientation for graduate students to learn about the services and resources related to their new role in the TCU teaching community. It includes immediately applicable advice about succeeding as a TA/GA, such as balancing the roles of student and teacher or active learning strategies.

Teaching Observations

A Teaching Observation experience has three primary components. First, a Koehler staff member meets with you about your goals or objectives for the observation. Second, a Koehler staff member observes you teaching during a class session of your choosing. Third, you meet with the same Koehler staff member a few days later to discuss the class session observed. The discussion is a supportive way to help you analyze your teaching and identify your strengths as well as areas for improvement. Teaching observations are offered the third to tenth week of all regular semesters.