What is a Faculty Interest Group (FIG)?

A FIG is a group of people with a shared interest in a particular aspect of teaching and learning.  Intended to foster scholarly teaching and scholarship about teaching, the Koehler Center supports FIGs with organizational help (advertising and creating FIG webpages).

FIG members schedule the meetings and set the agendas.  Each FIG has a coordinator who takes responsibility for maintaining the group and working with the Koehler Center on logistics.

We currently offer FIGs in the following area:

Who can participate in a FIG?

Any faculty member, staff member, graduate student, or post-doc at TCU can participate in the FIGs. This is a free service the Koehler Center offers to the TCU community.

How will participating in a FIG benefit me?

FIG members come together to share best practices, do research about their topic, and support each other in practicing their methodology. Participating in a FIG will give you a community of scholars to help you meet your teaching objectives.

How do I start a FIG?

To start a FIG, contact the Koehler Center at KoehlerCenter@tcu.edu to discuss your topic.