What is Insights Magazine?

Insights Magazine is published electronically twice a year by the Koehler Center for Teaching Excellence. It features faculty articles about teaching innovation, student engagement, and professional development. It also showcases upcoming Koehler Center events, workshops, and speakers.

Who receives Insights Magazine?

All TCU faculty and staff receive Insights Magazine via email.

Where can I read Insights Magazine right now?

You can read past issues of Insights Magazine on our website. All past issues are archived electronically with the Koehler Center.

Who can contribute to Insights Magazine?

Any faculty member, staff member, graduate student, or post-doc at TCU can contribute to Insights Magazine.

How do I contribute to Insights Magazine?

The Koehler Center maintains an open call for submissions, so if you have an idea for an article about teaching at TCU, professional development in your discipline, or the scholarship of teaching and learning contact the Koehler Center at 817-257-7434 or email faculty development.

How does Insights Magazine benefit the TCU community?

Insights Magazine documents the scholarship of teaching and learning at TCU. It is an avenue for colleagues to share teaching experiences and professional development opportunities across disciplines.