To learn more about effective teaching strategies, you can view the short videos below by clicking on the thumbnail image of the topic in which you are interested. The videos below were created by TCU faculty member, Dr. Laura Wood.

Once you click on the video you would like to watch and press the play button, closed captions can be enabled by clicking the closed caption or “CC” button located at the bottom of each video.

Summary of Introductory Topics video

This video includes topics such as course objectives, tools you might use, possible limitations for students, and other questions to consider

Accommodations and Accessibility video

This video includes topics such as how to use D2L and other applications (Word, Adobe, Powerpoint, etc.) to check content accessibility.

Plan and Experiment with Tools Video

This video explores how to plan and divide course content and how to consider which tools to use when teaching your class.

Discussions video

This video includes best practices on how to facilitate engaging and effective discussions in your classes.

Grading and Feedback video

This video provides an overview of best practices for grading and providing feedback to students.

Rubrics video

This video includes information about how to use rubrics to streamline grading and provide transparent grading for students.

Group Work video

This video includes information on how to incorporate different types of group work and how to assign groups in D2L.

Use and Create Videos

This video provides an overview of the ways in which you can use videos to convey learning content in engaging ways.

Evaluate Your Class video

This video provides an overview of different methods for evaluating your teaching and continuously improving your class.

Regular and Substantive Interaction video

This video covers ways you can interact with students in order to meet the Department of Education’s RSI requirements.

Defining Online Teaching Video

Topics include defining online teaching and understanding reasons why students may choose online learning.

Online Orientation video

This video includes information on how to engage with students and communicate course expectations.

Online Mindset Video

Topics include how to use the online class format, differences in online vs. face-to-face teaching, and planning for online classes.