What are Faculty-Led Workshops?

Faculty-Led Workshops are events organized and promoted by the Koehler Center, but they are developed and led by TCU faculty and instructional staff to help enrich the TCU community. There are two types of events: Teaching and Learning Conversations (TLCs) and Pedagogy in Practice Workshops (PinPs). Any faculty or staff member can submit a proposal to lead a TLC or PinP. In addition to leading the event, presenters compose a short article for publication in the Koehler Center’s Insights magazine, and record a short video overview of the topic. The Koehler Center offers a stipend upon completion of the event, article, and video.

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Teaching and Learning Conversations

Teaching and Learning Conversations are typically 50 minutes and may take different approaches—structured conversations about issues affecting higher education, directed discussions about new pedagogies, or guided conversations that build or sustain communities of practice. A TLC often begins with a brief presentation before a time of discussion amongst participants and the TLC leader.

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Pedagogy in Practice Workshops

Pedagogy in Practice Workshops are generally 2-hour workshops intended to promote pedagogical best-practices to the wider TCU community. PinPs provide faculty the opportunity to share a teaching strength that has been informed by their discipline, expertise, or experience.

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