Koehler Center Outcomes

The Koehler Center offers a variety of programs and services designed to encourage ongoing refinement of teaching through reflective pedagogy. Programs are available for graduate students, post-docs, teaching staff, adjunct faculty, and full-time faculty.

These programs cover topics such as preparing graduate students to teach, designing or redesigning courses, sharing practices to enrich the TCU teaching community, learning to teach online, and improving student learning using TCU Online (TCU’s learning management system).

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Bystander to Upstander (B2U)

The goal of the Bystander to Upstander program is to provide a sustainable way (via a train-the-trainer component) for everyone to learn upstander intervention techniques to prevent dangerous behaviors such as sexual violence, racism, sexism, and heterosexism, as well as practice upstander intervention skills to take positive action when faced with injustice and intolerance.

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The Koehler Center provides teaching and learning support to the TCU community by offering confidential, personalized consultations across a wide variety of topics, including course and instructional design, pedagogical development, educational technology, and distance learning. Faculty can meet with Koehler Center staff for feedback, recommendations, or support.

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Course Design Institute

The Course Design Institute: Using Principles of Scientific Teaching to Transform Student Learning is an extensive, intensive, multi-day workshop in which you will use the learner-centered process of Backward Design, and the Scientific Teaching principles of Inclusiveness, Active Learning, and Assessment, to design or redesign a course that leads to improved student learning.

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Faculty Interest Groups

A Faculty Interest Group (FIG) is a group of people with a shared interest in a particular aspect of teaching and learning. FIGs are intended to foster scholarly teaching and scholarship about teaching. While each FIG has a coordinator who is responsible for maintaining the group, the Koehler Center supports FIGs with organizational help such as finding meeting rooms and advertising.

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Faculty-Led Workshops: TLCs & PinPs

Faculty-Led Workshops are events organized and promoted by the Koehler Center, but they are developed and led by TCU faculty and staff to help enrich the TCU community. There are two types of events: Teaching and Learning Conversations (TLCs) and Pedagogy in Practice Workshops (PinPs). In addition to leading the event, presenters compose a short article for publication in the Koehler Center’s Insights magazine, and record a short video overview of the topic. The Koehler Center offers a stipend upon completion of the event, article, and video.

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Feedback on your Teaching: MAPs & Observations

The Koehler Center facilitates ways to gather feedback and engage in reflection about your teaching. Classroom Observations and Mid-semester Analysis Polls (MAPs) both provide formative feedback to you as an instructor that can help you better gauge the effectiveness of your teaching and its impact on students’ learning.

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Graduate Student Pedagogy Course

The Graduate Student Pedagogy Course is a graduate student professional development course that prepares Teaching Assistants, Graduate Assistants, PhD Candidates, and Postdocs for teaching at TCU and beyond.

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Preparing to Teach Online

Preparing to Teach Online is a ten-week, online, instructor-led course. The course introduces instructional design models and explores strategies for successful online teaching. Faculty will receive a portfolio and certificate upon completion. Preparing to Teach Online is one of the TCU training requirements for faculty to teach asynchronous, fully online courses.

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TCU Online Boot Camp

TCU Online Boot Camp is a professional development opportunity for the TCU teaching community. It is delivered in two formats—online and face-to-face—periodically throughout the year. During both the three-day face-to-face course and the ten-week online course, participants gain hands-on experience using all the teaching and management tools TCU Online offers.

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