Koehler Center Outcomes 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.2The Koehler Center offers a variety of programs designed to encourage ongoing refinement of teaching through reflective pedagogy​. Programs are available for graduate students, post-docs, teaching staff, adjunct faculty, and full-time faculty. These programs cover topics such as preparing graduate students to teach, learning to teach online, teaching using active learning practices, and improving student learning using TCU Online (TCU’s learning management system).





Course Design Institute

​The TCU Course Design Institute: Starting With the End in Mind is an extensive, intensive, five-part workshop in which you will focus on designing or redesigning a specific course. You will use the process of Backwards Design, and work through a model of Integrated Course Design to build or rebuild a course that is student-centered, and produces significant learning.​

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Graduate Student Pedagogy Course

The Graduate Student Pedagogy Course is an online, ten-week graduate student professional development course that prepares Teaching Assistants, Graduate Assistants, and PhD Candidates for teaching at TCU and beyond.

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Outcomes-Based Teaching and Learning

Outcomes-Based Teaching and Learning is a four-hour workshop that introduces TCU faculty to student learning outcomes. During this workshop, faculty members discuss how implementing course-level outcomes can enhance and improve teaching and learning. The Koehler Center works at the class-level only, and all information from this course will be confidential.

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Preparing to Teach Online

Preparing to Teach Online is an online, instructor-led course that takes ten weeks to complete. The course covers strategies for successful online teaching and introduces instructional design models. Faculty will receive a portfolio and certificate upon completion. Preparing to Teach Online is one of the TCU training requirements for faculty to teach fully online.

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Student-Centered Active Learning Institute

The Student-Centered Active Learning Institute is an opportunity for TCU faculty to design an active learning course to

  • Create a student-centered environment that is collaborative and engaging
  • Improve your face-to-face time with your students
  • Model an educational environment where application happens in the classroom and lecture happens online
  • Develop deeper meaning and connections to course content to promote learning

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TCU Online Boot Camp

TCU Online Boot Camp is a professional development opportunity for the TCU teaching community. It is delivered in two formats—online and face-to-face—periodically throughout the year. During the three-day face-to-face course and the ten-week online course, participants gain hands-on experience using all the teaching and management tools TCU Online offers.

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