What is the Graduate Student Pedagogy Course?

The Graduate Student Pedagogy Course is a hybrid (in-person and online), ten-week graduate student professional development course that prepares Teaching Assistants, Graduate Assistants, PhD Candidates, and Postdocs for teaching at TCU and beyond. Any graduate student or postdoc at TCU can enroll. This is a free professional development opportunity the Koehler Center provides to the graduate student community at TCU. Students who complete the course requirements will receive a certificate of completion.

What are the benefits?

In this professional development course, graduate students create learning outcomes, draft course materials (syllabus, assignment sheet, rubric), and examine teaching as a reflective practice through teaching observations and developing teaching philosophies.


Who can register

Any graduate student or postdoc can register for this course.

How to register

The Graduate Student Pedagogy Course is offered regularly throughout the academic year. Interested students can register for the course on our Events page. The number of students enrolled is capped, so please enroll early if you wish to participate. You can also call the Koehler Center at 817-257-7434 with any additional questions.

Course Overview

During the Course

This course will have five, two-hour, in-person meetings over the ten weeks to provide hands-on practice with embedded active learning strategies and course preparation assignments. Approximate time spent on assignments outside of the meetings will be twenty hours over the ten weeks.

Brief overview of the meeting topics:

  • Meeting #1: Introduction to Teaching and Outcomes
  • Meeting #2: Smart Syllabus Design
  • Meeting #3: Creating a Participation Rubric
  • Meeting #4: Active Learning Strategies
  • Meeting #5: Teaching Philosophies and Reflective Practice

By the end of the course, students will:

  • Write measurable outcome statements
  • Create a syllabus
  • Design a detailed assignment sheet
  • Construct a rubric for measuring student participation
  • Develop a teaching philosophy statement that reflects work created for course
  • Observe an experienced instructor in their field and write detailed observations

After the course

All students who complete the Graduate Student Pedagogy Course will receive a certificate of completion. Students are encouraged to revise materials developed during the course based upon feedback provided, and they will be offered ongoing support from the Koehler Center staff.