The distance learning team within the Koehler Center supports distance learning instructors, departments, and programs.

Our scope of work includes:

Distance Learning Course Design & Analysis
The Koehler Center offers individual consultations regarding all aspects of online course design and delivery. If you are building or re-designing a course, we can assist you with refining learning outcomes, creating engaging activities, drafting rubrics, applying design templates, building selected technical elements of your course, and boosting communication within the course. If instructors desire design assistance, partnership with an instructional designer typically begins 1-2 semesters prior to the course going live. We also assist instructors and department chairs / program directors with prioritizing actionable steps from Online Structure Assessment Tool (OSAT) reviews, analyzing TCU Online data, and creating program-level reports for accreditors. Please email to discuss your needs. All course-level consultations initiated by the instructor of record are confidential.

Experiential Learning Placement (Internship) State Authorization & Reporting
The Koehler Center oversees TCU’s participation in the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA). TCU’s participation in SARA permits students to complete Experiential Learning Placements in states other than Texas, subject to certain limitations. Such placements include internships, externships, clinicals, practicums, clerkships, student teaching, rotations, and other on-the-ground supervised learning / field experiences. The Koehler Center is responsible for communicating with the instructor of record for INT courses in order to obtain an accurate state-by-state count for TCU’s national reporting obligations.

We encourage instructors who are building online courses, refining a previously taught online course, or strategizing revisions based on course data to contact us. If you would like to request assistance, please use the Distance Learning Services Request Form and someone from our team will contact you.

If you are an online instructor of a new or substantively redesigned course that will need an OSAT in order to go live, please complete the New / Redesigned Course OSAT Verification form as soon your course has been approved. This will allow our team to allocate resources to support you in the course development process and provide for a timely eventual review of your course.

If you are an online instructor of a new or existing online course and would like to request any of the course design, development, or analysis services our team offers, please complete the Distance Learning Services Request Form so that we can assist you.

Policies and templates designed to help you, your department / program, and your students succeed:

Getting Started with Distance Learning

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