The Koehler Center offers self-paced eFaculty 2.0 workshops and a self-paced Accelerated Online Resource Course (details at the bottom of this page) to support online faculty.

As part of in-house quality assurance, online workshops, guidelines, and trainings are made available for our online faculty as they prepare to teach online. Faculty teaching online courses are required to complete the requisite eFaculty 2.0 workshops and receive e-certification prior to their course going live. These workshops are five 45-minute self-paced courses. TCU is committed to providing high-quality online learning and engagement, TCU’s personal and connected milieu, and adherence to requirements of higher education governing bodies.

2023-2024 Online Teaching

Faculty teaching online courses in the 2023 Winter-session are required to complete the requisite eFaculty 2.0 workshops and receive e-certification by September 27, 2023. Each of the five 45-minute workshops are offered as self-paced courses.

Faculty teaching online courses for Summer 2024 are required to complete the requisite eFaculty 2.0 workshops and receive e-certification by January 27, 2024. Each of the five 45-minute workshops are offered as self-paced courses.

Note: Faculty have not completed the eFaculty 2.0 workshops will not be able to teach the online courses.

Who Is Required to Take the eFaculty Workshops

  • New Faculty: All five eFaculty 2.0 workshops are required.
  • TCU Faculty who have completed Hybrid Certification: One 45-minute workshop, Workshop #2: “Student Engagement at TCU,” is required.
  • TCU Faculty who did not complete Hybrid Certification: All five eFaculty 2.0 workshops are required.
  • Faculty who were eFaculty Certified prior to Fall 2022: Exempt from these workshops but are welcome to attend any workshop. Workshop #2 in particular offers updates on new federal regulations.

For questions about eligibility and requirements, contact

About the eFaculty Workshops

For your convenience, these self-paced workshops can be completed according to your schedule. Click the button below to enroll.

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Workshop #1: Instructor Presence

This workshop delves into theories and strategies to establish and maintain instructor presence in an online course. The faculty will explore unique perspectives in fostering learner engagement, motivating student participation, and improving student learning outcomes. We will review ADA compliance.

Workshop #2: Student Engagement at TCU

Student engagement is one of the strongest influential elements of student success. Faculty will be able to recognize challenges of student engagement and address them with various techniques. We will review universal design and regular and substantive interaction (RSI).

*Required for faculty who have completed Hybrid Certification seeking eFaculty 2.0 Certification.

Workshop #3: Active and Authentic Learning

Active learning occurs when students find learning collaborative and relevant to their life goals. This workshop provides exemplary models and applications that support active learning in real world scenarios. Resources and strategies for developing effective group assignments, discussion, and case study projects will be presented in this workshop.

Workshop #4: Feedback and Community Building

When providing quality and effective feedback with the right technology tools, faculty can improve student learning, encourage student curiosity, and develop a community setting. This workshop offers various strategies and tools to improve quality faculty feedback to benefit learners and improve faculty workload.

Workshop #5: Course Evaluation and Continuous Improvement

Online faculty, like any effective faculty, are continuously evaluating, updating, and improving their courses to meet their students’ needs. This workshop will supply processes and strategic tools that assist faculty as they explore, align, and develop online activities that establish student learning outcomes.


How do I access the online self-paced course?
After filling out your request, please allow 1 full business day for processing. Once you have been enrolled, log into TCU Online, and on your homepage, in the My Courses area, tab over to find the eFaculty 2.0 tab, and then you will find your requested course within it.

You will also receive a confirmation email when you have been enrolled into the course in TCU Online.

Image showing how to access the eFaculty tab on the homepage of TCU Online

How do I earn my badge after completing my workshop?
After completing each workshop, you will need to submit the module 4 survey, and the course will email your badge to your TCU email account.

To determine what workshops were completed, instructors can sign on to TCU Online to review their badges in the Awards Showcase. Please see the screenshot below for reference:

Visual instructions on how to view the Awards Showcase in D2L

Upcoming Workshop Offerings and Registration

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