iThenticate and Turnitin are both internet-based originality checking and plagiarism prevention services that allow instructors to verify the originality of text. While iThenticate and Turnitin share the same underlying technology and database contents, the design, user experience and outcomes are designed to meet the needs of two very different types of users. iThenticate is designed for academics and researchers who need to organize and share their work in a folder-based system similar to Google Docs, whereas Turnitin is designed for use with students in a classroom setting.


iThenticate is developed by Turnitin and is the leading provider of professional plagiarism detection and prevention technology used worldwide by scholarly publishers and research institutions. iThenticate is recommended for use by instructors and graduate students to ensure the originality of their written work before publication. It is useful for scenarios such as preparing and submitting grant proposals, preparing a thesis or dissertation, or publishing a research article.

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Turnitin is an internet-based plagiarism detection and prevention service that allows instructors to verify the originality of student work. Turnitin’s service compares text submitted by students with sources available on the web, and with materials archived in Turnitin’s databases. It can be enabled within an Assignment in TCU Online, or used as a stand-alone tool through

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