Mission Statement

The Koehler Center is dedicated to facilitating ongoing, reflective discourse regarding instruction and learning, including engaging with instructional staff, departments/units, and administration. The Koehler Center will strive to meet the challenges of integrating effective, innovative instructional/learning methodologies and technologies to promote engagement and improve learning.


The William H. Koehler Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) supports teaching and learning at Texas Christian University (TCU). The resources and activities of the CTE are focused on responding to the present needs of instructors, as well as on keeping the TCU community informed of new educational possibilities created by the continuing development of pedagogical theories, teaching practices, and technologies.

Koehler Center Outcomes

The Koehler Center uses the Kirkpatrick Model for assessing the Center outcomes.

Continued Development of Instructors (faculty development):

Facilitates incorporating innovative and effective instruction and learning methodologies into instructional environments.

Advises and supports faculty, teaching assistants, departments/units, and administrators in their efforts to improve instruction and student learning in traditional and innovative ways.

Distance Education:

Facilitates incorporating innovative and effective instruction and learning methodologies for distance education programs.

Supports the cultivation in distance learning where excellence in instruction flourishes.

Develops and implements ways to assess instruction and student learning online.

Educational Technology:

Researches, develops, and utilizes educational technologies to facilitate their integration into instructional environments.