Full-time Faculty: Register for New to TCU Faculty Orientation

Reese Jones Hall

August 13, 2024

January 7, 2025

August 12, 2025

Full-time Faculty

Full-time Faculty at TCU will attend orientation in person at the beginning of the semester they will begin teaching. Additionally, full-time faculty have access to the N2TCU Full-time Faculty Orientation resource course in our learning management system, Brightspace by D2L. This course contains resources and materials to refer back to as the academic term progresses. Enrollment in the orientation resource course will happen automatically before faculty begin teaching.

Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct faculty at TCU will review orientation information and resources virtually through the N2TCU Adjunct Orientation course in our learning management system, Brightspace by D2L. Adjunct faculty do not need to register for the in-person orientation. Enrollment in the orientation resource course will happen automatically before faculty begin teaching.

First Steps

Do you have a contract?

No: Contact the person who hired you or your department’s admin to find out when you will be emailed your contract.

Yes: Complete the checklist sent in your contract from the Provost’s Office, email your contract back to provostappts@tcu.edu, and submit your graduate transcript request(s).

    1. Additional information
      • New adjuncts available in Box
      • Full-time Faculty available in Page Up
    2. I-9 appointment: After you have submitted your required materials, contact Amanda Harris in the Provost’s suite 3100 in The Harrison at 817-257-6974 or a.harris3@tcu.edu to complete your I-9 documentation.
    3. Register for New to TCU Faculty Orientation. Contact the Koehler Center if you have questions (817-257-7434 or KoehlerCenter@tcu.edu).

Go to newuser.tcu.edu

Use your TCU ID number and birthday to create username, password, and TCU email account. ID number is located on your contract or obtained from your department contact.

  • Username and password are necessary for TCU single sign-on.
  • Check your TCU email Mail.TCU.Edu for new faculty information from TCU.

Activate My.TCU.Edu account for access to My Employee Center to verify personal details, set up W-4 and direct deposit, request recreation center membership, etc.

Additional Information

Things You Must Do on Campus

Available Online or by Phone

  • TCU Benefits contact Human Resources
  • Office keys and building access contact your department admin or supervisor.
  • Classroom technology assistance including training in your classroom(s) contact the Center for Instructional Services (CIS) at 817-257-7121.
  • Compliance training watch for an email from HR or visit my.tcu.edu.
  • Safety on campus see TCU Alerts and download FrogShield app for your mobile device.
  • Emergencies on campus contact TCU Police at 817-257-7777 instead of 911. This minimizes response time as campus police assists emergency responders to get to you sooner.
  • Internet, campus phone, and other technology issues contact IT Helpdesk at 817-257-6855.

Resources for Teaching

Preparing for your classes

  • Login to classes.tcu.edu for information about your class(es) (e.g. building, room, days, time).
  • Locate buildings for your classes and identify relevant emergency information. Check for classroom assignment right before classes start in case the location has changed.​
  • Place textbook orders using Order Textbooks on the LMS homepage.

TCU Online (learning management system)

Syllabus & Teaching Resources

Teaching for Brite Divinity School?

Contact Rachel Harris (817-257-7577 or rachel.harris@tcu.edu) with your onboarding questions.