As a distance learning student at TCU, you have access to a wide range of student and academic services.

Online students may find the following especially helpful:

General TCU Resources & Information


MovingPlease consult with the TCU Office of Financial Aid to determine if changing your state location impacts your eligibility for federal student aid.
Please inform the director of your online program or prospective online program about any moves or planned moves. If a student moves to a state in which a given online program is not authorized or has not secured approval for experiential learning placements, this may result in a delay in meeting necessary program requirements or state licensure/credential requirements or a failure to meet them altogether.

Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008: Federal Compliance and Student Consumer Information

The Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEOA) requires institutions of higher education participating in federal student aid programs to report and disclose information from various administrative areas to current and prospective students; current and prospective employees; and the public. In compliance with Title IV and other federal disclosure laws, HEA 101 at TCU is a list of links to student consumer information and legal disclosures for the campus.