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Respondus has two products to help deter cheating in online exams.

LockDown Browser is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment within TCU Online. It prevents cheating during online exams: Students are unable to copy, print, access other applications, or visit other websites during an online exam. In order to use Lockdown Broswer, students must have the right to install programs on the computer they will be using.

Respondus Monitor is a companion application for LockDown Browser that uses webcam and video technology to prevent cheating during online exams within TCU Online and is ideal for non-proctored testing environments. Monitor is a fully automated solution for online proctoring, records student exam sessions with a webcam, and flags suspicious behavior automatically. In order to use Lockdown Broswer, students must have the right to install programs on the computer they will be using AND have a webcam.

How does Respondus Lockdown Browser improve the security of the TCU Online Quizzes tool?

When enabled, Respondus LockDown Browser:

  • Displays assessments in full-screen mode; assessments cannot be minimized
  • Prevents access to other applications, including messaging, screen-sharing, virtual machines, and network-monitoring applications
  • Disables Print, Print Screen, and screen capture functions
  • Prevents copying and pasting anything to or from an assessment
  • Disables right-click menu options, function keys, keyboard shortcuts, and task switching
  • Prevents a student from exiting an assessment until it has been submitted for grading
  • Removes browser menu and toolbar options except for Back, Forward, Refresh, and Stop
  • Prevents students from using other browsers if an assessment has been set up for use with LockDown Browser

Respondus LockDown Browser supports screen readers and is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and other systems. In order to use Lockdown Broswer, students must have the right to install programs on the computer they will be using. Respondus products do not work on Chromebooks.

Instructor Introduction to Respondus Monitor

TCU has acquired a campus license for Respondus Monitor through July 31, 2021. Respondus training webinars are available for instructors who would like to learn more.

After July 31st, 2021, instructors will need to request permission to use Respondus Monitor from the Koehler Center by contacting elearning@tcu.edu or (817) 257-7434, as these licenses may be reserved for asynchronous distance learning courses. Using Respondus Monitor without prior approval may result in your department being billed for changes. Thank you for your cooperation.

Note: Faculty can utilize LockDown Browser without Monitor, but you must have LockDown Browser enabled to use Monitor. They appear on the same tab in TCU Online Quizzes setup.

Get Started: Instructors

  • Enable Respondus LockDown Browser for use with your TCU Online Quizzes
  • Respondus LockDown Browser Webinar
  • LockDown Browser information for your syllabus
  • Share the Introduction to LockDown Browser video with your students.
  • Set-up a practice exam in your course: Ensure your first exam using Respondus Lockdown Browser runs smoothly. Have students take an ungraded practice quiz that requires the use of LockDown Browser before taking a graded exam. Direct students to use the Help Center prior to their first exam.
    • With LockDown Browser open, log into the course and select the Help Center button the toolbar.
    • From there, run the System & Network Check to make sure everything is working properly.
    • If a problem is indicated, students can search for a solution in the Knowledge Base. Troubleshooting information can also be emailed to your institution’s help desk. Leave the practice quiz available for the duration of the course, with unlimited attempts, so students can check their setup from each different computer they want to use.
  • Reactivating Respondus Lockdown Browser after Copying Course Content

Respondus Monitor

If you wish to also add Respondus Monitor to your quiz, visit the following pages for additional instructions.

Instructor Resources From Respondus

Student Resources

Respondus Lockdown Browser

Respondus LockDown Browser is a secure browser for taking quizzes in TCU Online. It prevents printing, copying, going to other URLs, or accessing other applications during a quiz. If a TCU Online quiz requires Respondus LockDown Browser, you will not be able to take the quiz with a standard web browser but instead will use the special Respondus browser.

For quizzes using LockDown Browser, you must install the free software onto your computer. You will not be able to access your quiz until the software has been installed.

Respondus Lockdown Monitor

Your TCU Online quiz may also implement the use of Respondus Monitor with LockDown Browser. The Respondus Monitor software uses a webcam with your computer along with a microphone to record you while completing your online exam in LockDown Browser. If Respondus Monitor is used, your computer must have a functioning webcam and microphone. A broadband connection is also required. Installing LockDown Browser on your computer also installs Respondus Monitor.

A system check will be conducted prior to the beginning of your exam to ensure the webcam and microphone are working properly. When taking an exam using Respondus Monitor, you will be required to show a photo ID and perform an environment scan by using the web cam to record your surroundings.

Students: Getting Started & Troubleshooting

Please refer to the following links and resources to learn how to get started with LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor.