Continuous feedback is necessary for improvement. Just as the feedback you provide to students helps improve their learning, feedback provided to you as an instructor can help you better gauge the effectiveness of your teaching and its impact on students’ learning.

Below are options to gather feedback.

Midsemester Student Surveys

The Koehler Center team is available to help you develop midsemester student surveys to collect feedback on your teaching. Administering student surveys in the middle of the semester means you have time to reinforce the instructional practices that are effective and make adjustments to improve learning before the class is over. One survey option is to implement a three-item “start, stop, continue” survey via the survey tool in D2L as shown below.

Start symbol

What would you like for me to start doing to help your learning experience?

Stop symbol

What would you like for me to stop doing? 

Continue symbol

What would you like for me to continue doing? 


If you would like help setting up a survey in D2L, please feel free to request a virtual lab appointment.

Classroom Observations

A Koehler Center Classroom Observation is a reflective process intended to provide formative feedback through consultations, use of an observation rubric, and self-reflection. While departmental observations may focus on specific disciplinary knowledge and practices, the Koehler Center observation focuses broadly on evidence-based instructional practices. A Classroom Observation consists of a pre-consultation, a class visit, a post-consultation, and an instructor self-reflection.

Learn more about Classroom Observations.