The Koehler Center provides a number of publications and resources to support teaching and learning at TCU.

Such resources include guides for creating accessible course content, tips for soliciting course feedback from students, and many other resources noted below.

Effective Teaching Video Resources

Effective teaching is comprised of a variety of considerations, including creating a student-centered classroom experience, engaging in Regular and Substantive Interaction (RSI), and maintaining awareness of accessibility guidelines. Through the Koehler Center, TCU faculty member Dr. Laura Wood created a series of short videos on considerations for effective teaching.

Visit the Effective Teaching Video Resources page to view instructional videos on an array of teaching topics.

Creating Accessible Course Content

Accessibility, as it relates to course content, means that your content should be accessible to a variety of users–for example, learners with disabilities, the aging population, and those for whom English is a second language. Simply put, this means that information must be provided in a format that does not rely on a single sense or ability.

Visit the Creating Accessible Content resources.

Collecting Mid-semester Feedback from Students

Mid-semester is an ideal time to solicit feedback from students. Generally by mid-semester students have a sense of the class expectations, your teaching, and how they are doing. Mid-semester feedback from students can inform you about what is supporting their learning, what may be impeding their learning, and suggestions that could improve their learning. Gathering feedback at the midpoint of the semester also provides students with the opportunity to reflect on their learning and make their own adjustments to learning practices and strategies.

Visit the Collecting Mid-semester Feedback resources.

Designing a Smart Syllabus

The resources on this page are available to help you create new syllabi or revise old favorites. Wondering what to include in your syllabus? You will find accessible syllabus templates that you can adapt and use, and that include the current versions of the required TCU policies. Looking for ways to revise existing information? Use the syllabus rubric for suggestions on how to improve the overall quality of your syllabus. Other resources include links to the Academic and Final Exam calendars, and a list of in- and out-of-class activities to encourage students to read the syllabus.

Visit the Designing a Smart Syllabus resources.

New to TCU Resources

The New to TCU pages offer helpful information if you are new to campus (ID Card, Parking, WiFi), information about specific campus services (Shuttle Services, Classroom Technology Introduction, Post Office), and resources to help you prepare to teach (Syllabus Template, Mandatory Policies, Syllabus Rubric).

Visit the New to TCU resources.