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What is Panopto?

Panopto is video content management system for uploading, managing and sharing TCU’s video and audio files. It’s a centralized, secure place for recorded videos, flipped classroom videos, campus events, and more. Videos created in Panopto can be accessed directly in TCU Online through the build in integration link. The Panopto dashboard comes with built-in video analytics, a web-based video editor, automatic encoding to ensure your videos play efficiently on any device, and a unique search engine that helps your students review material mentioned or shown in their course videos.

What can be recorded with Panopto?

  • Videos that present class content. Panopto’s software runs on Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android, so instructors can easily record class videos at the office, from home, or in the field.
  • Live webcasts. Panopto can live stream your lecture to students on other campuses, at field or internship sites, and in their homes.
  • Student assignments. Having students create and submit video assignments allow students to demonstrate skills they have learned in the course. Panopto makes it easy for students to record assignments and submit them for review.

Getting Started

Panopto is integrated in TCU Online and makes it easy to add videos to your course. However, many of the administrative tasks will be completed through our hosted site, which is where you download the desktop recorder. Below you will find links and videos that will help you learn how to use the different tools and features Panopto offers. Once you are ready to integrate your videos into TCU Online, jump down to the Teaching with Panopto section to learn more about the integration.

Downloading the Panopto Recorder and Working with Your Panopto Video Recordings

Follow the links below to start working in Panopto. You will need to download the Panopto Recorder if you have never done so.

Watch How to Download the Panopto Video Recorder

Quick Guides

Video Training

To learn more about recording and managing your content you can watch the following Creating Course Videos with Panopto Webinar (approx 90 min).


For information about Panopto’s Accessibility, view the Panopto’s accessibility features page.
Users can Import Automatic Captions as well as Create and Edit Captions when editing their videos.

Teaching with Panopto

Panopto has an integration within TCU Online that allows you to create class specific folders accessible within TCU Online.  By adding the Panopto integration directly in your course you can curate videos with in your folder or add them directly within you content, activities, and assessments. Panopto runs on PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices, and Panopto videos can be viewed on a variety of devices.  Panopto also allows you to create assignment folders for students to create and upload videos for you to see, and the rest of the class if you allow access. Note: the Panopto Assignment Folders are different than TCU Online Assignment Folders, and cannot be linked to a grade item. We recommend changing the name of the Panopto Assignment Folder to prevent confusion within your TCU Online course.

Learn how:

Getting Help from Panopto

Copying Course Content Information: As of version, when you copy a course in TCU Online (D2L), Panopto will automatically grant students in the new course with access to the copied videos. No configuration is required on Panopto, this functionality is automatic.

Student Resources

Students upload their videos into a Panopto Submission Folder and submit them for grading in either a TCU Online Assignment folder or a Threaded Discussion board. This is a two step process for students to share their videos with the instructor and to submit it an area that is linked with the gradebook.