Preparing Your Syllabus & Associated Materials

Policies & Documentation You Should Know

  • Read through the Registrar’s information on FERPA and best practices.
  • Learn about Unsatisfactory Grades. TCU has an Unsatisfactory Grading Report system. While there are no University guidelines on what constitutes an unsatisfactory grade (U grade), submitting a U grade for a student can notify them that their work is below C level or consistently late, they are not participating in required discussions, or they are not attending class regularly. Unsatisfactory grades can be posted as early as 3 weeks into the semester. Each semester you will receive an email from the Registrar’s Office on how to submit the simple and quick report. Retention literature suggests that students benefit from early feedback. Since U grades are not a part of the student’s permanent academic record, they provide a great tool to motivate students to get help sooner rather than later. Take advantage of this opportunity to provide critical feedback to students early. If there are behavioral student issues that are concerning, contact the Dean of Students at 817-257-7926 or​ See additional information about U grades in the handbook appropriate for your position. Faculty/Staff Handbook: pages 58-59, 62-63 or Part-Time (Adjunct) Faculty Resource Manual: pages 11-12, 14.
  • Learn more about the Dean of Students office, which is prepared to deal with critical incidents, crisis management, and also oversees University student discipline cases. For additional information, visit the Dean of Students website, call 817-257-7926 or email
  • Review the Faculty/Staff Handbook for questions about policies. Below are some of the recommended policies to familiarize yourself with. (Policies are listed in the order in which they appear in the Faculty/Staff Handbook.)
    • Emergency Actions for Severe Weather
    • Notice of Non-Discrimination & Contact Information for Title IX Coordinator
    • Dean of Students & Absences
    • Statement on Professional Ethics
    • Academic Responsibilities and Procedures
      • Teaching
      • Attendance Expectations and Official Absence Policy
      • Class “Walks”
      • Final Evaluative Exercise Policy
      • End of Semester Study Period
      • Exception to Final Examination and Study Day Policies for Graduating Students
    • Sexual Assault Reporting
    • Procedures for Students with Disabilities