What are Teaching and Learning Conversations?

Teaching and Learning Conversations (TLCs) are events organized by the Koehler Center, but developed and led by TCU faculty and instructional staff to help enrich the TCU community. These events are typically 50 minutes and may take different formats—directed discussions of new pedagogies, structured conversations about issues affecting higher education, or workshops to implement emerging instructional strategies.

View the upcoming Teaching and Learning Conversation dates and times on our Events page.

Who can lead a Teaching and Learning Conversation?

Any TCU faculty or instructional staff can submit a proposal for a TLC. In addition to leading the 50-minute TLC, presenters are also asked to:

  • compose a short (700–900 word) article summarizing the topic for publication in the Koehler Center’s biannual Insights magazine.
  • record a three-minute video overview of the topic. The Koehler Center staff will work with you to record your video during the semester of your event.

We know time and knowledge is valuable, so The Koehler Center offers a small stipend of $200 upon completion of the TLC, and submission of the article and video. If multiple presenters are involved, the $200 can be divided as deemed appropriate by the presenters.

How Do I Lead a Teaching and Learning Conversation?

If you are interested in leading a TLC, please note the following deadlines and submit your proposal below. Please direct any questions you may have to facultydevel@tcu.edu.

2018-2019 Deadlines

  • If you are selected for a Fall 2018 event:
    • Insights article is due Monday, October 1st, 2018 (for the Spring 2019 issue).
  • If you are selected for a Spring 2019 event:
    • Insights article is due Monday, April 1st, 2018 (for the Fall 2019 issue).

2017–2018 Deadlines

  • If you were selected for a Spring 2018 event:
    • Insights article is due Monday, April 2nd, 2018 (for the Fall 2018 issue).


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