Who Can Participate? Dialogue Collective

Faculty, Staff, and Students

What is the focus of this FIG?

We meet once per semester to engage in dialogue. We also offer special dialogue events.

Who to contact if I have questions?

Philip Dodd (Staff): philip.dodd@tcu.edu

Tee Tyler (Faculty): t.tyler@tcu.edu

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Bring People Together through Dialogue


Dialogue represents a democratic free exchange of philosophical ideas and perspectives between or among two or more individuals with the express goal of understanding others’ input to allow for synthesizing and refining each participant’s vantage point of intellectual reflection. Pursuing this approach to philosophical exchange motivates each participant to learn as opposed to seeking to win a debate predicated upon one’s privileged beliefs.


To create a connected campus community through dialogue that fosters relationship building, increases empathy, and enhances perspective taking.

GOAL 1: Connect people interested in dialogue (classes, programs, research, etc.).

GOAL 2: Promote dialogue opportunities on campus (classes, events, programs, etc.).

GOAL 3: Develop dialogue opportunities for members of the TCU campus community.