Romana Hughes

Romana (Romy) Hughes is the Assistant Provost of Educational Technology and Faculty Development; Director, Koehler Center for Teaching Excellence. Her primary duties include oversight of the Koehler Center for Teaching Excellence, managing a robust, multi-faceted professional development program for full-time, adjunct faculty and graduate assistants that supports teaching and learning and addresses the changing needs of… Read more »

Desmond Morris

Desmond Morris is the Director of Distance Learning in the Koehler Center for Teaching Excellence. Desmond oversees the coordination of compliance activities related to state authorization and online learning. Desmond provides leadership and support in the design, implementation, and assessment of online learning programs and classes. Desmond’s experience in teaching, training, and instructional design has helped in… Read more »

Kerrie Meister

Kerrie is the Manager of eLearning in the Koehler Center for Teaching Excellence.  Kerrie is responsible for organizing effective support and processes in the use of the university adopted LMS; organizing special projects and initiatives related to the LMS. She is an instructional designer, webmaster for the department websites, and lead graphic designer for the Koehler Center…. Read more »

Cecilia Lunt

Cecilia Lunt is the Project Coordinator in the Koehler Center for Teaching Excellence. Cecilia began her career at TCU in 2008.  Prior to coming to TCU her career spanned 27 years in banking as a Loan Administrator Officer and Business Development Coordinator. Cecilia’s primary responsibility is to manage the Koehler Center’s faculty development and distance… Read more »

Kate Marshall

Kate Marshall is the Distance Learning Developer in the Koehler Center. Kate began her career at TCU in 2010 and is a member of the training and support team for Pearson LearningStudio (eCollege). Focusing on LearningStudio, other digital teaching tools, and instructional design, she works with students, faculty, and staff to enhance the teaching and learning… Read more »

Joanna Schmidt

Joanna Schmidt is the Senior Faculty Developer in the Koehler Center for Teaching Excellence. She provides pedagogical development opportunities and instructional design for faculty, teaching staff, GA/TAs, and departments. She offers individual consultations, conducts Teaching Analysis Polls and Observations, as well as leads workshops covering a range of interests in order to promote student engagement and… Read more »

Megan Clawson

Megan Clawson is a Faculty Developer in the Koehler Center. Megan works collaboratively with the TCU community to support educational effectiveness, and enhance the teaching and learning experience.  Focusing on best practices in teaching, learning, and assessment, she is responsible for designing and implementing faculty development opportunities including workshops, seminars, and consultations. Megan began teaching… Read more »

Colin Talbot

Colin Talbot is a Faculty Developer in the Koehler Center for Teaching Excellence. Colin provides faculty development focused on teaching improvement and promoting student achievement. His primary responsibilities include training faculty and staff on TCU Online and the implementation of best practices in the classroom through workshops, seminars, and orientation programs. Colin spent five years… Read more »