Article reviews the research on videos and the brain, describes the theory of multimedia learning, and summarizes studies on video use in college courses. Concrete guidelines are given for using available video technology in the classroom, selecting appropriate video clips for any class, and using video clips as a systematic teaching tool.

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Case study of three instances in which instructors used video to improve instructor immediacy, instructor presence in the course, and student flexibility.

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Economics professor recounts his experiences using multimedia materials to engage students. In particular, he discusses his own production of introductory and mini-lecture videos as well as explanatory screencasts.

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Integrating current literature with their own classroom experiences, the authors describe different types of assignments in which online video can be effectively used to engage students, energize classroom discussions, and meet course learning goals.

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Study examines the impact of open education videos on student perceptions regarding the perceived value for the money, the efficacy of learning, and the authority of the material.

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