The Distance Learning Template is a complete set of pre-populated structural elements. It is designed to help provide a sound course structure, as well as effectively communicate course policies and resources by providing information that is helpful to online students. It contains a robust Start Here module with pre-populated content for key university policies, campus resources, and TCU Online tools, as well as placeholder items for your syllabus, course schedule, rubrics, grading information, etc. This module can sit at the top of your Table of Contents to communicate important information relevant to the course structure, policies, and getting help. You will need to update information in the Start Here module for your own course.

In addition to the Start Here module, the Template contains 16 content modules with an Introduction and Wrap-up content item within each module. These are designed to help create a consistent look and feel for your course. These content items include placeholder fields for module outcomes / objectives, module resources (readings and videos), learning activities, and key points. You will want to delete unused modules.

Request the Distance Learning Template

If you wish to have these pre-populated structural elements copied to your own course, please complete the form below. We recommend copying the Template into a Master Course. Then, all the components will be available to you to copy and use in any course moving forward.

If you wish to have the Template in multiple courses, please submit a separate request for each.

In your request you may also choose Option 1: the Start Here module only; or Option 2: the entire Distance Learning Template.

For more information about each option, see Building with the Distance Learning Template.