The map below shows the states in which TCU has institutional authorization to offer distance education activities, including enrolling out-of-state students (subject to program authorizations) and allowing current TCU students to complete experiential learning placements (subject to program authorizations).

Programs involving licensed professions may be subject to state-specific additional program authorization requirements; students and prospective students in these programs are advised to consult the respective program director with any questions.

Not all programs are authorized in every state or will offer experiential learning placements in every state. Please hover over your state to learn more about the programs that are available and the applicable licensure contact information. Note that SARA has no effect on state licensing or certification requirements; please consult the licensure and certification information regarding distance learning programs and state licensure requirements.


Distance Learning Map Key


MovingPlease consult with the TCU Office of Financial Aid to determine if changing your state location impacts your eligibility for federal student aid.
Please inform the director of your online program or prospective online program about any moves or planned moves. If a student moves to a state in which a given online program is not authorized or has not secured approval for experiential learning placements, this may result in a delay in meeting necessary program requirements or state licensure/credential requirements or a failure to meet them altogether.