May 11 – 15, 2009 

The TCU Professional Portfolio Workshop is being conducted by Peter Seldin, Ph.D., an authority on teaching and research portfolios and the evaluation and improvement of college teaching. Dr. Peter Seldin is Distinguished Professor of Management Emeritus at the Lubin School of Business at Pace University.


Dr. Seldin and two associates will lead a 4-½ day workshop, guiding nine participants directly in the development of their individual professional portfolios and working with three TCU faculty mentors (former workshop participants themselves), teaching them how to facilitate the portfolio creation process for other faculty.  The three TCU mentors will each work with two faculty under the guidance of Dr. Seldin and his associates.  In all, fifteen participants will create professional portfolios during the workshop.

Professional Portfolio presentation day

Professional Portfolio presentation day

“It was an honor to serve as a mentor for the Seldin Professional Portfolio workshop. Not only was I able to help TCU faculty develop a portfolio that showcased their incredible work, I was also able to learn from those fellow faculty and from the Seldin Portfolio team.”

— Gina Hill, Nutritional Sciences, 2008 Mentor

Running May 11th – 15th on the TCU campus, the workshop is designed with meetings in the morning, a mid-week luncheon, and forty-five minute individual appointments scheduled during the morning or afternoon. Each participant will be assigned a mentor from among Dr. Seldin, his two associates or TCU mentors, and will meet with the mentor daily. Participants will independently gather materials, write statements, and organize their portfolio each day and bring their work on the following day to be reviewed by their mentor. New ideas and constructive feedback will be provided daily to enable participants to construct their portfolio in a manner that reflects their teaching, research/scholarship, and service.

Dr. Seldin has delivered three well-received and highly productive portfolio workshops at TCU, the most recent last May.  The portfolios produced during that workshop were of such high quality that several were selected as exemplars for inclusion in Dr. Seldin’s newest book, slated for release later this year.

Professional Portfolio group photo 2007

2007 Workshop: First row, L to R: Beth Miller, Peter Seldin, Clement Seldin, Jeff King;
Middle row, L to R: Bill Diong, Scott Williams, Melanie Harris, Theresa Prosser;
Back row, L to R: Amanda Allison, Zach Zacharia, Cara Jacocks, Carrie Currier,
Gina Hill, Bob Maninger, Ranjan Muttiah, Nowell Donovan

“The portfolio workshop is one of the most useful workshops I have attended at TCU. It was really helpful in understanding which materials should go into the binder, organizing them in a professional manner and showcasing them to the best advantage. I especially appreciated working with my TCU mentor on my narrative essay that highlighted the materials in the binder. Her informed but non-disciplinary viewpoint was great for clarifying ideas and shaping the materials for an audience outside the department.”

— Mona Narain, English, 2008 Participant


The goal of the workshop is to have faculty participants develop a professional portfolio that integrates teaching, research/scholarship, and service in a single document of 13-15 pages plus appendix. The comprehensive portfolio will combine thoughtful reflection and hard evidence. This workshop is ideal for tenure-track faculty. Participants will conceptualize, gather, and present evidence of items that can be used as a framework for the tenure process to document their professional development for summative and formative purposes. The portfolio is an ideal mechanism, for instance, to reference classroom initiatives undertaken to improve teaching and student learning outcomes. In addition to documenting one’s professional development, the portfolio can be used to improve one’s own performance over time as a teacher-scholar.

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