Whether you are creating a new course or revising an old favorite, our resources for Designing a Smart Syllabus are available to guide and support you. Syllabus icon

Available resources include:

  • Syllabus Templates (for both Face-to-Face and Online courses)
  • A syllabus rubric to identify information to include or improve
  • Links to the Academic and Final Exam calendars
  • Ideas and activities to encourage students to read your syllabus

Why use the Syllabus Templates?

Both the Face-to-Face and Online Syllabus Templates:

  • Are built to be accessible for all learners
  • Use section headings that highlight common syllabus elements
  • Include current versions of required TCU policies (including syllabus disclosures for Fall 2021)

If you have previously used one of the syllabus templates, note that the syllabus change document provides an overview of recent updates. Reviewing this document will help streamline the process of updating your existing syllabus.