All Summer 2017 courses with a faculty member assigned in class search are now available for faculty to access in TCU Online. TCU Online will continue to update every 24 hours to reflect any new courses or new assignments from the Registrar.

If you wish to use TCU Online, please login and complete the steps below to prepare your courses.
If you do not plan to use TCU Online, you do not need to complete these steps.

While all of the steps below are important, we want to emphasize Steps 2 and 3: Submit requests to Share/Combine your Shells and to Enroll Additional Users; and Activate your Semester courses.

Study Abroad courses needing extended access: follow the steps to Set Start and End Dates.

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Step 1

Attend a training workshop, explore the Crash Course training modules in TCU Online or review the available Documentation. [go to step 1]

Step 2

Verify your Semester courses, Request to Share/Combine your Shells, and/or request to Enroll Additional Users such as additional instructors, TAs, etc.. [go to step 2]

Step 3

Activate your Semester courses. All Semester courses must be activated prior to the start of the semester in order for students to access them on the first day of class. [go to step 3]

Step 4

Prepare and update your Master courses, including your syllabus, the Grades tool, activities, and content. [go to step 4]

Step 5

Copy your Master course content into your Semester courses. [go to step 5]

Step 6

Verify your Semester course enrollments. [go to step 6]