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The Koehler Center provides services to help orient faculty and teaching/graduate assistants, whether they’re brand new to TCU or simply beginning a new semester.  Additionally, we provide services to help TCU faculty, instructional staff, and teaching/graduate assistants evaluate and enhance their teaching practices.






Classroom Observation

A classroom observation conducted by the Koehler Center can help you see your class from a new perspective and give you ideas about how to enhance learning for your students. A Koehler Center classroom observation focuses specifically on pedagogical practices in terms of their impact on learning, and seeks to find evidence of a wide variety of best-practices. During an observation, Koehler Center faculty developers will visit your class and collect observational data about aspects of the teaching and learning occurring in the room. The supportive consultation following the observation is intended to provide you with formative feedback to help you refine instructional techniques in order to improve student learning.

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Mid-semester Analysis Poll (MAP)

The MAP process helps you know what students currently find helpful to their learning, while also providing you with practical suggestions to further improve student learning. Furthermore, since it takes place at the midpoint of the semester, you have time to reinforce the pedagogical practices that are effective, yet make adjustments and revisions to improve learning before the class is over. A MAP consists of multiple parts including: an instructor pre-meeting, an in-class polling visit, an instructor post-meeting, and an instructor self-reflection.

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One-to-One Consultation

The Koehler Center offers individual consultations for full-time and adjunct faculty in a wide range of instructional and design areas. All individual consultations are confidential. Faculty can meet with professional educational consultants for feedback, recommendations, or support.

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