Where is the Creator Studio?

The Koehler Center’s Creator Studio, located in Winton-Scott Hall, Room 108, can help you make engaging, interactive videos for your classes. Creator Studio recording tools include a green screen for virtual recording or a standard backdrop; a lightboard that allows you to write and narrate while facing the camera; high-quality video and audio equipment; and editing software. The Creator Studio puts you in charge of creating and editing your video content, while also providing you with a quiet, customizable recording environment.

No prior video recording experience is needed to use any of the Creator Studio technology. If this is your first project, we will use the initial meeting as a needs assessment and consult with you on what might work best for your content. As you record, Koehler Center staff will be nearby for any help you might need.

See what some of your TCU colleagues have created using Creator Studio tools.

How do I book the Creator Studio?

Please complete this consultation request form and our staff will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Preview the Creator Studio Technology


How can you create engaging videos as you explain concepts, solve equations, or diagram systems? Use the lightboard! Similar to writing on a whiteboard, you can write your content step-by-step on the lightboard while facing the camera and your viewers. The Creator Studio can also add images or PowerPoint slides to further enhance your video.

Green Screen

Have you ever wanted to teach your students from the surface of the moon, or engage them from beneath the sea? With the help of the Creator Studio and a green screen, you can record a video for your class with virtually anywhere as a background! Take advantage of our green screen and shoot “on location” video in campus hotspots, other parts of the world, or other settings appropriate to your course.