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The Koehler Center is excited to offer the Creator Studio, located in Winton-Scott 108. The Creator Studio puts you in charge of recording and editing your video content as you create engaging material for your courses. Share your completed videos in TCU Online or send a link to your students.

As you record, Koehler Center staff will be nearby for any help you might need. If this is your first project, we will use the initial meeting as a needs assessment and consult with you on what might work best for your content.

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Resources Available in the Creator Studio

creator studio LightboardLightboard

How can you create engaging videos as you explain concepts, solve equations, or diagram systems? Use the lightboard! Similar to writing on a whiteboard, you can write your content step-by-step on the lightboard while facing the camera and your viewers. The Creator studio can also add images or powerpoint slides to further enhance your video.

Watch a video preview of the Lightboard


creator studio Screen WritingScreen Writing and Recording

Don’t want to be in front of the camera, but still want to create videos with annotations, explanations, or calculations? The Creator Studio also provides you with the ability to record your screen as you write on top of your images or PowerPoints.

Watch a video preview of screen writing and recording.




creator studio Green ScreenGreen Screen

Want to create a video but don’t want to record from your office or don’t have the right environment in which to record? The Creator Studio recording stations provide you with a quiet, customizable environment. Take advantage of our green screen and shoot “on location” video in campus hotspots, other parts of the world, or other settings appropriate to your course.

Watch a video preview of the green screen.


creator studio 360 tourRecording Cameras and Microphones

Unhappy with the image quality, sound output, or background noise when you make your own recordings? The Creator Studio has Mac and PC recording stations set up for you to record with HD webcams, screen capture software, or both at the same time. The studio also has professional-quality microphones for clear audio and accurate caption processing.

Watch a 360 video tour of the studio.

creator studio CamtasiaCamtasia Editing Software

Want to make your finished video sparkle? The recording stations have the latest version of Camtasia video editing software, a user-friendly video editor that allows you to create engaging videos with title slides, transitions, callouts, captions, and many more features.

Watch a preview of Camtasia editing software


We’re Here to Help!

Have an idea for a video, but not quite sure how to make it a reality? The Creator Studio is staffed by the Koehler Center consultants who can help you achieve your vision. We can train you on the resources in the Creator Studio as well as offer pedagogical advice related to the content you are creating. Book an appointment to get started!