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If you have any questions about this course or the virtual orientation session, the Koehler Center is here to help. You can email us at or call 817-257-7434.

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TCU campus commons: a small group of students sitting/standing around Frog Fountain, with BLUU in the background. © TCU Marketing & Communication/photo by Erin Little

Get Started with New Faculty Orientation

Welcome from the TCU Chancellor

Welcome from the Provost

Additional Resources

Registrar & FERPA

Information from the Registrar

Additional Resources

Teaching & Learning Support

Campus Services – Get acquainted with the various resources available to you as you begin your career at TCU. Each department has included a description of information for new faculty and adjuncts.

Syllabus Resources – This page contains resources to help you build, review and/or revise, and then delivery your syllabus to your students. It includes TCU syllabus templates, as well as a rubric to help you find areas to add to your syllabus or further develop.

Teaching Resources – This page pulls together a variety of information from across TCU as you get started teaching at TCU,  such as, how to put in your textbook requests, what to discuss with your department Chair, information about Unsatisfactory grades, and other general teaching policies, calendars, and documentation you might need.

TCU Online Information

What is TCU Online? – Read this to learn about TCU Online features and how to get started using it with your classes.

TCU Online Support – This page lists the different ways to get support for TCU Online as you prepare or teach your course, as well as the 24/7/365 D2L help desk information.

Additional Resources

  • Logging In and Logging Out of TCU Online
  • Navigating TCU Online – This video will give you a brief tour and show some features of the platform. This is a great place to start if you are new to TCU Online.
  • Instructor How-to-Hub – Here you will find resource pages with images and videos to teach you about specific tools and answer common questions and features.
  • On-Demand TCU Online Webinars – This resource page has pre-recorded on-demand webinars so that you can learn about a specific tool whenever you want and can pause, rewind, and build along.
  • Upcoming Live Workshops & Webinars – Our main Koehler Center Events page also lists all of live workshops and webinars for you to RSVP and attend. We also do consultations about workshops and webinars if you are unable to attend the dates and times listed.
  • Faculty Request Forms – A list of the common request forms faculty may need for their courses, such as, requesting additional enrollments (ex: TAs), requesting to combine courses (ex: teaching multiple sections of a course), or requesting the distance learning course template to be copied into their course.

Campus Information Technology

Campus Information Technology Introduction

Additional Resources

Human Resources - Introduction & Compliance


This video provides an overview of the portal, including W4, Direct Deposit, and Leave reporting tiles.

Return2Campus – TCU COVID-19 Guidance

This TCU COVID-19 training is required of all staff before returning to campus. Campus specific policies, changes, and expectations are discussed.

TCU Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

This video highlights TCU’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts.

Office of Institutional Equity

A component of University Compliance, Title IX is an important topic for all staff and faculty, new and old, to be familiar with.

TCU Compliance

This video provides an overview of TCU Compliance Training.


ADA & FMLA Information for Employees.

Human Resources - Benefits

Benefits Information

Additional Resources

  • TCU Benefits Guide – The latest Benefits Guide is a companion document to the TCU Benefit Video linked above. Please refer to both the video and this guide for questions regarding Medical, Dental, and Vision Benefits.
  • Benefit Enrollment Form – Use this form to make Medical, Dental, and Vision benefit selections. Email to once completed.

Human Resources - Risk Management

Please watch the video for information regarding Risk Management and Workers Compensation at TCU.

Worker’s Compensation Acknowledgement – Please sign both pages of the attached document and return it to

Human Resources - Employee Forms

Please complete the following forms and email them to

Human Resources - Orientation Checklist

Orientation Checklist – This orientation checklist provides a quick-hit list of information to set new TCU employees up for success. Talk each item through with your supervisor to ensure all necessary topics are clear early in your TCU career.

Emergency Response

Please watch this video from our Assistant Vice Chancellor of Public Safety about resources and procedures at TCU.

TCU Frog Shield Safety App – Please download the FrogShield Safety App.

Additional Resources