If you are teaching for Brite Divinity School:

Please contact Rachel Harris at 817-257-7577 or rachel.harris@tcu.edu with your onboarding questions.

If you are teaching for TCU:

Please use the following steps to prepare for the semester.

First Steps

  1. Do you have a contract?
    • If you do not have a contract, contact the person who hired you or your department’s admin to find out when you will be sent your contract.
    • If you have a contract, complete the checklist sent in your contract packet from the Provost’s Office, mail back the required materials, and submit your graduate transcript request(s).
  2. Schedule your I-9 appointment. After you have mailed in your required materials, Contact Amanda Gonzales in the Provost’s office in Sadler Hall at 817-257-6974 or a.j.gonzales@tcu.edu to set up an appointment to sign your I-9.

Things You Can Do Online or By Phone

  1. Learn about and RSVP for New to TCU Faculty Orientation (NFO). Contact the Koehler Center if you have additional questions about NFO or need pedagogical support at 817-257-7434 or KoehlerCenter@tcu.edu.
  2. Set up your TCU username at newuser.tcu.edu by using your TCU ID number and birthday. Find your ID number in your contract packet. This will create your TCU email account and username to access My.TCU.Edu, which includes payroll information, class rosters, parking permit requests, etc. Once your username is setup, then log in to activate your My.TCU.Edu account.
  3. Request your parking permit in My.TCU.Edu when the icon become available on your homepage when you log in under Helpful Links, then Add/Renew Permit. If you have trouble requesting, you can also stop by and fill out a form at the TCU Police Department. Contact the TCU Police Traffic and Parking Department at 817-257-6889 with questions about permits and when they become available.
  4. Check your TCU email at Mail.TCU.Edu using your TCU username and password. You must first setup your TCU username prior to checking email (See Step 2).
  5. Log in to TCU Online with your TCU username. (Users will be able to login to TCU Online if they have completed step 2 above and 24 hours has passed since their class assignment and user account creation.) TCU Online is our learning management system where you can post content for your class, set up a gradebook, and accept student homework submissions. If you haven’t been officially assigned to your course in Class Search by the Registrar, please contact the Koehler Center to explain your situation. Learn more about TCU Online or sign up for training. Contact the Koehler Center at 817-257-7434 or KoehlerCenter@tcu.edu.
  6. Set up your Direct Deposit in My.TCU.Edu. Contact HR with questions at 817-257-7990 or askhr@tcu.edu.
  7. Learn about your benefits if you are a full-time employee and eligible. This benefits page will help you with the selection process of a generous benefit package.
  8. Verify your employee information. Log in to your Employee Self-Service profile at My.TCU.Edu and visit the “Employee Center” to verify your W-4 (currently set to Single/0), W-2 information, update/change personal information, and set up Direct Deposit. You have the ability to change this information as needed. Contact HR with questions at 817-257-7990 or askhr@tcu.edu.
  9. Contact your department admin about obtaining keys to your office.
  10. Contact your department admin about gaining building ID access. Find your ID number in your contract packet.
  11. Look up your class to see your classroom assignment. You will have to log in with your TCU credentials to see instructor name or search by your last name. You can find the building location on this map and find the emergency information for your classroom’s building. Be sure to check your classroom assignment again right before classes start in case the location has changed.​ Be sure to check your classroom assignment again right before classes start in case the location has changed.
  12. Submit your textbook request(s) to the TCU Campus Store through the “Order Textbooks” link in TCU Online. New faculty wishing to place textbook orders who do not have TCU Online access yet can submit requests to the TCU Campus Store at textbookadoptions@tcu.edu.
  13. Arrange a classroom visit and technology training. Contact the Center for Instructional Services (CIS) at 817-257-7121.
  14. Enroll in TCU Alert to get campus emergency messages on your cell phone. Log in to my.tcu.edu with your TCU username and password. Click on Employee Center. Click on the Cellular Phone link and follow the directions. Contact Risk Management with any questions about TCU Alert at 817-257-7778. Download TCU’s FrogShield app to anonymously report safety concerns, contact the TCU Police, or request a Froggie 5-0 escort in the evenings.
  15. Program the following phone numbers into your cell phone.
    • When on campus, call the TCU Police at 817-257-7777 instead of 911 in case of an emergency. This actually minimizes response time as campus police are able to assist emergency responders navigate the campus and get to you sooner.
    • When you are having issues with classroom technology, call the Center for Instructional Services (CIS) at 817-257-7121.
    • When you are having issues with the internet or campus phone, call the IT Helpdesk at 817-257-6855.
    • When a student is struggling or needs support, call Campus Life at 817-257-7926.

Things You Can Do When Visiting Campus

(Use this visitor parking map if you do not have your parking permit yet.)

    1. Sign your I-9 during your appointment at the Provost’s office.
    2. Complete your Chair Conversation Checklist.
    3. Pick up your parking permit from the TCU Police Department.
    4. Get your ID Card. Find your ID number in your contract packet and visit the ID Center to get your TCU ID card. Learn more about Faculty/Staff ID card benefits.
    5. Get your your personal device(s) on TCU wifi. Follow the instructions on this page to add your personal device to TCU’s wifi when you are on campus. If you have problems, visit the IT Helpdesk on the first floor of the Library on the East side or call 817-257-6855.​
    6. Pick up your office keys from your department admin or Physical Plant.

After The Semester Starts

  1. Complete your Compliance Training. Watch for an email from HR during the first few weeks of the semester for a link to complete your mandatory Compliance Trainings.