Headings for Structure & Lists

Source: WebAim

  • Use Headings for content headings (header 1, header 2, etc.) instead of text formatting, such as font size or bold to give the visual appearance of heading
  • Likewise, do not use headers to achieve visual results only.
  • Use Lists and ordered lists properly

More information & tips for structure and lists in HTML can be found on WebAIM.

Headings in Pearson LearningStudio

Format block has been added to the Visual Editor tool bar. Format Block Paragraph Style Dropdown button – Applies standard text styles to selected text. It enables users to format headers (tags) in their content. Headers add the appropriate tags to enable screen readers to correctly identify the paragraphs. These tags are needed to make the content more accessible.

This format block can be utilized in the Visual Editor in Pearson LearningStudio.

Headings format block in visual editor

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To add a heading in Dreamweaver, use the Format dropdown menu in the Properties panel.

Headings in Dreamweaver