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Save as HTML in Word

When saving a Word document as HTML, the structure and alt text will be retained in the final document.

On a PC in Microsoft Word 2010:

  1. To save as HTML, select File > Save As.
  2. In Office XP or later, there are two options for exporting to HTML:
    1. Save as Web Page
    2. Save as Web Page, Filtered

The advantage of the Web Page option is that the page will look almost exactly like the printed document. The advantage of the Web Page, Filtered option is that the underlying code is much cleaner, the file size is significantly smaller, and most, if not all, of the look and feel of the original document is retained.

In terms of accessibility, both options are acceptable, as long as the source file was created with structure and with alternative text for images, the document does not contain any data tables, and other accessibility principles are applied. Because of the reduced amounts of Internet Explorer-specific markup, Filtered web pages are more likely to be supported and compatible in various web browsers.

On a Mac using Microsoft Word 2011:

  1. To save as HTML, select File > Save As a Web Page.