What is Preparing to Teach Online?

Preparing to Teach Online is an online, instructor-led course that takes twelve weeks to complete. The course covers strategies for successful online teaching and introduces instructional design models. Faculty will receive a portfolio and certificate upon completion. Preparing to Teach Online is one of the TCU training requirements for faculty to teach fully online.

Who can register for Preparing to Teach Online?

Any faculty member, graduate student, or post-doc teaching at TCU can register for the Preparing to Teach Online. This is a free professional development opportunity the Koehler Center provides to the TCU teaching community.

How will the Preparing to Teach Online benefit me?

During the ten-week online course, instructors learn how to prepare for online instruction, develop course-level student learning outcomes, understand how to design an online course, and select an instructional design model for online courses. Instructors will also begin building an actual fully-online course in TCU’s Learning Management System.

How do I register for the Preparing to Teach Online course?

Faculty can register for Preparing to Teach Online on our Events page. You can also call the Koehler Center at 817-257-7434.

What will happen during the Preparing to Teach Online course?

Faculty will work in a TCU Online shell, participating in weekly threaded discussions and completing course assignments. Faculty should dedicate three hours a week to this course. See below for an outline of the course content:

  • Unit 1: Preparing for Online Instruction
  • Unit 2: Designing your Online Course
  • Unit 3: Evaluating your Course and Student Assessment
  • Unit 4: Instructing your Online Course
  • Unit 5: Learning Tools and Assignment Examples
  • Unit 6: Accessibility in Online Courses
  • Unit 7-10: Developing Your Course in the LMS
  • Unit 8: Post Assessment

What will happen upon completion of this course?

All faculty who complete Preparing to Teach Online will receive a portfolio of their work and a certificate of completion.

This online course is one of the TCU requirements to teach fully online at TCU.