What is Outcomes-Based Teaching and Learning?

Outcomes-Based Teaching and Learning is a four-hour workshop that introduces TCU faculty to student learning outcomes. During this workshop, faculty members discuss how implementing course-level outcomes can enhance and improve teaching and learning. The Koehler Center works at the class-level only, and all information from this course will be confidential.

Who can register for Outcomes-Based Teaching and Learning?

Any faculty member, graduate student, or post-doc teaching at TCU can register for Outcomes-Based Teaching and Learning. This is a free professional development opportunity the Koehler Center provides to the TCU teaching community.

How will Outcomes-Based Teaching and Learning benefit me?

During this workshop, faculty members will develop a plan to measure student learning at the course-level, review their course layout, assignments, and course content, and begin assessing course-level outcomes for improvement of teaching and student learning.

How do I enroll for outcomes-based teaching and learning?

Faculty can register for Outcomes-Based Teaching and Learning on our Events page. You can also call the Koehler Center at 817-257-7434.

What will happen prior to the Outcome-Based Teaching and Learning course?

All faculty members are required to register for this online course. Faculty registered for Outcomes-Based Teaching and Learning will receive emails from the Koehler Center staff with information and preparation of the online course.

What will happen during the five-week course?

During the workshop, faculty will work with Koehler staff to create measurable outcomes, map course assignments to course outcomes, identify artifacts of learning and develop an action plan for scoring course outcomes.  The course covers the following:

  • Introduction of outcomes-based teaching and learning
  • Development of measurable course-level outcomes
  • Review of syllabus and assignments
  • Creation of outcome rubrics
  • Implement course-level outcomes
  • Action plan for measuring/scoring outcomes

What will happen after this course?

There will be a one-to-one follow-up session after the workshop is complete. Faculty who complete outcomes-based teaching and learning will receive a certificate of completion.