What is the Graduate Student Pedagogy Certification?

The Graduate Student Pedagogy Certification is an online, ten-week graduate student professional development course that prepares Teaching Assistants, Graduate Assistants, and PhD Candidates for teaching at TCU and beyond.

Who can enroll in the Graduate Student Pedagogy Certification?

Any graduate student or post-doc at TCU can enroll in the Graduate Student Pedagogy Certification . This is a free professional development opportunity the Koehler Center provides to the graduate student community at TCU.

How will the Graduate Student Pedagogy Certification benefit me?

In this professional development course, graduate students examine and create student learning outcomes, draft course and teaching portfolio materials, and examine teaching as a reflective practice for research and publication in their academic fields. Additionally, students discuss the challenges of work/life balance while in graduate school and best practices for building successful relationships with graduate mentors.

How do I enroll in the Graduate Student Pedagogy Certification?

The Graduate Student Pedagogy Certification is offered regularly throughout the academic year. Interested students can register for Graduate Student Pedagogy Certification on our Events page. You can also call the Koehler Center at 817-257-7434.

What will happen during the Graduate Student Pedagogy Certification?

In this certification course, students will [1] complete Learning Outcome Management training, [2] create course and teaching portfolio materials, [3] examine teaching as a reflective practice for research and publication in students’ academic field.

See below for a brief outline of the course curriculum:

  • Unit 1: Welcome to Teaching at TCU
  • Unit 2: Holistic Overview of Teaching and Measuring Student Learning
  • Unit 3: The Nuts and Bolts of Course Design
  • Unit 4: Managing the Classroom
  • Unit 5: Valuing Student Knowledge and Experiences
  • Unit 6: Evaluation
  • Unit 7: Developing a Teaching Philosophy and Assembling a Teaching Portfolio
  • Unit 8: Teaching as a Reflective Practice

What will happen after the Graduate Student Pedagogy Certification?

All graduate students who complete the Graduate Student Pedagogy Certification will receive a certificate of completion as well as ongoing support from the Koehler Center staff.