What is the Faculty Institute for Diversity?

The Faculty Institute for Diversity, modeled after Cornell University’s Institute for Diversity, is a three-day workshop for faculty who are interested in revising their courses to be more inclusive. The institute provides an opportunity for faculty to examine themselves and their instructional practices through the lens of diversity.

As a result of participating in the FID, faculty will be able to:

  • Identify culturally-bound assumptions and consider how they might influence interactions with students
  • Examine course content for diverse perspectives
  • Identify active learning techniques that could be incorporated into a course
  • Incorporate accessibility principles into course design
  • Examine ways to assess students that accommodate a variety of learning modalities
  • Apply specific dimensions of inclusive models to their course design and coursework
  • Apply strategies that promote diversity in teaching while managing classroom dynamics

What are the benefits?

During this institute, faculty will identify culturally-bound assumptions and consider how they might influence interactions with students. Faculty will also examine course content for diverse perspectives and apply specific dimensions of inclusive teaching models to their course. In turn, participating in this institute creates a network of Teachers/Scholars who can better serve as a resource for one another on matters of diversity and education, while promoting best practices for incorporating diversity into the curriculum and addressing the needs of diverse learners.


The Koehler Center will send out a call for applications spring 2018.

How to Apply

Complete the application form

Course Overview

During the Institute

During the institute, faculty will examine their course content and instructional practices and redesign a specific course they are teaching by incorporating specific dimensions of inclusive teaching methods. Participants will receive a stipend for course redesign and implementation to take place during the upcoming fall semester.

Summer Three-day Institute – breakfast and lunch included

Day 1:

  • From Safe Spaces to Brave Spaces: Rethinking
  • Race and Higher Education: Rethinking Pedagogy in Diverse College Classrooms
  • Syllabus: Ways to Incorporate Diversity into your Syllabus

Day 2:

  • Micro-aggressions, Identity, and Culturally Responsive Teaching (Intersectionality), Stereotype Threat
  • Handling Difficult Conversations
  • Students and How They Learn
  • Diversity, Motivation, and Active Learning
  • Developing Active Learning Activities

Day 3:

  • Accessibility: Creating Content Accessible for Every Learner
  • Action Plan Poster Preparation
  • Action Plan Poster Presentations

Fall term:

  • Faculty Institute Lunch
  • Share experience and items completed and implemented in current course
  • Teaching Analysis Polls

Spring term:

  • Faculty Institute Lunch
  • Share experience and items implemented and lessons learned during the fall, which has affected the spring implementation
  • Teaching Analysis Polls

After the Course

All faculty who complete the Faculty Institute for Diversity will receive a portfolio of their work and a certificate of completion.