TCU Student role is a role that can be used for students, who are officially enrolled in a fully online eCourse.

Course Functions

  • Course link viewable & accessible from course list
  • Access to Gradebook
    • User displays in Gradebook
  • Access to Email tab
    • Access to send email to Prof/Course
  • Access to Chat tab
  • Access to Doc Sharing tab
    • Access to download Doc Sharing entries
    • Access to upload doc sharing entries
  • Access to Dropbox tab
  • Access to Webliography tab
    • Access to upload Webliography entry
    • Access to view Webliography entries
  • Access to Threaded Discussions
    • Access to participate in Threaded Discussion
    • Access to read Threaded Discussion posts
  • Access to Exams


  • Access is limited to term start and end dates.
  • No authoring or grading abilities.