TCU Guest Professor role is a role that can be used for Students, Faculty, Staff or University guests who need some access to a course.

Note: while this role can access the grade book, and assess grades, they will not be able to grade Dropbox submissions, since they do not have access to view students Dropbox submissions.

Course Functions and Limitations for this role are below.  Review other role options on the Roles & Rights page.

Course Functions

  • Access to Gradebook
  • Access to Email tab
    • Access to send email to Professor/Course
  • Access to Chat tab
    • Access to create Chat Room
  • Access to Doc Sharing tab
    • Access to upload Doc Sharing entries
    • Access to edit Doc Sharing entry information
  • Access to Dropbox tab
    • Access to view Dropbox for each student
  • Access to Webliography tab
    • Access to upload Webliography entry
    • Access to view Webliography entries
  • Access to Threaded Discussions
    • Access to create Threaded Discussion topic
    • Access to participate in Threaded Discussion
    • Access to read Threaded Discussion posts
  • Access to Exams
  • Access to create/edit Exams

Role Limitations

  • Name not displayed as Professor in Course
  • No access to Course “Author” tab
  • No access to Course Admin tab
  • No access to create Chat Room
  • No access to upload Doc Sharing Entries
  • No access to edit Doc Sharing Entry Information
  • No access to Dropbox tab
  • No access to view Dropbox for each student
  • No access to create Threaded Discussion topics
  • No access to Create/Edit exams