TCU Demo Student role is a role that can be used for students, who are not officially enrolled, as well as faculty or staff who might need a limited access to a course from a student view. This role can also be used for Writing Assistants, tutors, etc.

A user enrolled with this role will NOT appear in the Gradebook for the instructor, so this role should not be used for a test account for practicing grading.

Course Functions and Limitations for this role are below.  Review other role options on the Roles & Rights page.

Course Functions

  • Access to Gradebook (although a user with this role will NOT appear in the Gradebook)
  • Access to Email tab
    • Access to send email to Professor/Course
  • Access to Doc Sharing tab
    • Access to upload Doc Sharing entries
  • Access to Dropbox Tab
  • Access to Webliography Tab
    • Access to upload Webliography entry
  • Access to Threaded Discussions
    • Access to participate in Threaded Discussion
    • Access to read Threaded Discussion posts
  • Access to Exams


  • Name not displayed as Professor in the Course
  • No access to Course “Author” tab
  • No access to Course Admin tab
  • Access to Chat Tab
  • No access to create Chat Room
  • No access to edit Doc Sharing entry information
  • No access to view Dropbox for each student
  • No access to view Webliography entries
  • No access to create Threaded Discussion topic
  • No Access to create/edit Exams