What is an LMS?

An LMS is a Learning Management System. It is the technology platform on which fully online courses, courses using a web-component, and some special program sites are housed at TCU. Currently, TCU’s LMS is Pearson LearningStudio.

Why an LMS review?

Each LMS has its own strengths and weaknesses, and the Koehler Center is excited to lead a transparent and inclusive process whereby all stakeholder groups have the opportunity to contribute to the institution’s choice of an LMS.  Any LMS vendor can respond to our open call if they meet the first set of questions found on our Vendor RFI Page page [no longer active].  We are looking at finding our best fit for teaching and learning.

What are the assumptions that will guide our review?

There are several assumptions that are guiding the investigation into a possible new LMS at TCU. They are:

  • The current LMS (Pearson LearningStudio) may or may not be the best  fit for TCU. This can only be determined by reviewing the responses submitted to TCU’s RFI document.
  • There will not be one LMS that matches perfectly with the university’s needs.
  • A thorough review of enterprise-level options is the only way to determine the best institutional fit.
  • The process must be inclusive. The TCU Community is encouraged to participate and provide feedback.

What is an RFI?

It is an invitation for vendors, to submit information on a specific product or service.

What is a Sandbox?

A sandbox is a testing environment/course on the LMS.  Individuals test usability and functionality in this space.

Who is on the committee?

  • Michael Sawey –  Faculty Rep, Biology
  • Billy Farmer –  Faculty Senate Rep, Computer Science
  • Don Coerver- Associate Dean Rep, Graduate Studies
  • Scott Williams – Faculty Rep, Modern Languages
  • Dru Riddle – Faculty Rep, Nurse Anesthesia
  • Susan Weeks – Dean Rep,  Harris College
  • Marla McGhee – Faculty Rep, Education
  • Tracy Rockett – Faculty Rep, Mgmt, Entrpshp, and Leadership
  • Ann Bluntzer – Staff Rep, Business Specialty Grad Prog
  • Andrew Ledbetter –  Faculty Rep, Communication Studies
  • Sally Packard –  Faculty Rep, School of Art Director
  • Joel Smith –  IT Rep
  • Josh Harmon – IT Rep
  • Romana Hughes – LMS Search Project Coordinator, Provost Office
  • Kerrie Conover – LMS Admin, Koehler Center
  • Desmond Morris, Distance Learning Rep, Koehler Center
  • Kathy Baker, Distance Learning Rep, Nursing
  • Alex Nahas, Student Rep

How can faculty and students get involved?

In spring 2015, there will be a call for the TCU community to help with usability testing.  Faculty and students will sign up for usability testing and provide feedback on the selected potential LMS platforms.

Got questions?

Please share them with us – It’s likely other faculty or students may have the same question. Send an email to r.hughes@tcu.edu to let us know what information we need to get out to the TCU community. The more minds we have working together, the better this process will be.