Date(s) - Tuesday January 8
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

TCU Campus Store, Room 208

Outcomes 1.1, 1.3The ability to share work with classmates is key for class collaboration, and promotes active learning and engagement. However, in many classrooms the biggest screen in the class is inaccessible by students. If students want to share their work with the class, they have to physically connect their devices to the classroom projector which can take valuable instructional time. This workshop will train you to use AirMedia, a new wireless app that allows you or your students to project from laptops, tablets, or phones to the projectors in some classrooms.

During this workshop you will download the app to your device(s), learn how to turn AirMedia on, and practice using it individually and in groups. We will also discuss best practices for using AirMedia to promote a collaborative, active learning environment, and offer a range of examples you can use in your class. The final component will be offering pre-made information you can use to prepare your students to use AirMedia.

*You are encouraged to bring a device (laptop or tablet) to the workshop that is connected to the TCU network.

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