Date(s) - Thursday March 23
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Smith Hall, Room 104B

As a Liberal Arts institution it is imperative that both faculty and staff understand how to meet the educational needs of TCU’s ever diversifying population. The various backgrounds include: first generation college students, single-race schools, diverse learning experiences, and cross-cultural encounters. The aim of this conversation is to provide helpful insight on how to move from diversity to full inclusion of TCU’s underrepresented student populations. Diversity involves simply “counting” while inclusion involves “making heads count.” In other words, inclusion goes beyond numbers and implies sustained efforts to ensure a plurality of perspectives in an educational setting. Inclusion is a three step process that involves: getting students from diverse backgrounds on campus, creating a scholastic environment that encourages increased diversity, and immersion into cross-cultural contexts.

This conversation focuses on the second stage of the move to full inclusion. Participants in this conversation will engage in role playing games to understand some of the challenges that diverse student populations face. They will also learn about the Harvard Implicit Bias Test and be provided with a resources guide on ways to encourage diversity in a university setting. Finally, participants will be invited to engage in an open forum on inclusive practices for students of color, LGBTQ, economically disenfranchised, and students from various faith affiliations. Ultimately, this conversation is intended to open up a larger conversation throughout the university on how to meet the growing needs of the changing population.

Richard Thomas

Rich Thomas

Jessica Hazard

Jessica Hazard








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