Date(s) - Tuesday April 15
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Smith Hall, Room 104A

Tracy WilliamsAs Associate Director of the Center for International Studies: TCU Abroad, I designed the PRISM pedagogy to help students explore their intercultural experiences while studying abroad through a multi-dimensional, multi-theoretical framework.  After using the model for several semesters, I believe it can be applied to other courses such as summer study abroad courses, Cultural Awareness, Citizenship and Social Values, experiential learning, and applied learning courses.  The PRISM provides different types of learning approaches and encourages students to be engaged in their learning.

There are two pieces to the model that I will share in our conversation.  The first is the structure of the pedagogical approach, which involves quotations, readings, videos, and cognitive, behavioral, and affective learning activities.  I will explain the rationale behind this pedagogical approach both in terms of theory and in relation to this generation of learners.  I will then turn to the second piece, the application of this approach to my topic, intercultural learning.  As way of modeling, and for those faculty who teach study abroad courses, I will share the specific ways I have applied the pedagogy to my content.

We will then turn to application, when the audience can consider ways to personalize and expand the model for their own topics and content.    Attendees will have the opportunity to work individually and collaboratively to apply the model to their own topics.


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