Date(s) - Tuesday April 14
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Smith Hall, Room 104A

Many educators misunderstand the notion of a flipped classroom. While flipping is most commonly associated with fully online teaching, the basic concept (moving activity-based work typically assigned as homework into the classroom) is something that any teacher can do in most teaching spaces (in person or online). In fact, the entire semester need not be structured around the idea of flipping; instead, individual lessons and topics can be flipped while the rest of the semester proceeds as usual. This way, an instructor can get the benefits of a flipped classroom strategy during those topics in which it can be most useful.

This workshop will introduce ways in which teachers can incorporate individual flipped lessons in an otherwise non-flipped classroom. I will demonstrate this by discussing several flipped lessons that I have taught in my music theory classes. I will also discuss the use of several applications (for iPhone, iPad, and desktop computer) that have aided me in developing the custom materials I use outside of class. The goal is to educate the TCU community on the use of these tools and develop strategies that allow this pedagogical method to seamlessly integrate into existing course syllabi.


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