Date(s) - Friday October 5
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Kelly Alumni & Visitors Center, Room Cox A

pedagogy in practice
A teaching workshop for TCU Faculty facilitated by members of Dance Exchange

Outcomes 1.1, 1.2, 2.1In this teaching workshop for faculty, members of the internationally renowned Dance Exchange (DX) will share tools and practices they have developed for cultivating multiple ways to listen to and make connections with what people are saying with their bodies as they speak (or maintain silence), and to use those insights to facilitate conversations within the community of the classroom. Faculty participants will experience these embodied learning techniques in action and practice using them during the workshop; they will also discuss ways to best integrate these tools and practices across wide-ranging course content, and to help students engage with questions and conversations that might arise as difficult in the classroom. DX artists are also educators and share TCU’s focus on collaborative discovery and intent to create a community of learning. TCU faculty and students who have participated in a multi-year collaborative project with DX will assist as co-facilitators of the workshop.

Dance Exchange is a non-profit dance organization based in Takoma Park, Maryland that collaborates across generations, disciplines, and communities to facilitate dialogue. The company and its associate artists use dance, movement, and storytelling as sources for critical reflection, creative engines for thought and action, and material upon which to build performances.

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