Date(s) - Wednesday March 6
12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Kelly Alumni & Visitors Center, Room Cox B

Jeff BordenDan Pink famously pointed out the disconnect between what researchers know to be true versus how organizations behave.  We know more about the brain, learning science, and education technology-enhanced learning than ever before in history.  Yet much of that research is unknown by practitioners, let alone leveraged.

Please join Dr. Jeff Borden, a professor, and administrator who has spent more than twenty years studying the research and trying to help colleges and universities apply the most effective, research-based practices for all learning modalities.  See what innovation can (and even should) look like at TCU.

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Dr. Jeff D. Borden, the Executive Director of the Institute for Inter-Connected Education as well as Chief Academic Officer for Ucroo Digital Campus will unpack what connectedness could (or even should) look like today.  From an omnichannel world where knowledge and data are available on-demand contrasting against a highly inefficient, centuries-old model where students go to class to learn from a lone teacher, there are things we can all do to facilitate better connection.  Dr. Borden will look at inter-connectedness through the lens of Education 3.0 (Neuroscience, Learning Research, and Ed Tech) to give audience members something to try tomorrow, and a list of things to consider next week, next month, and next year, as we all try to better connect learners to learning.