Date(s) - Monday May 14
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

TCU Campus Store, Room 208

Koehler Center OutcomesAs we incorporate more student engagement and active learning in our courses—and expect more engagement and responsibility from our students—we need to re-think our evaluation of participation and preparedness, which can often seem subjective and difficult to assess. Common challenges with evaluating participation and preparedness that are addressed in this workshop include:

  • How can we really know if students are prepared for class?
  • How do we measure quality versus quantity?
  • How do we manage and keep track of it all?

You will learn how to put this evaluation in the students’ hands through the use of self-assessment rubrics. We will discuss how the use of such self-assessment rubrics requires students to think critically and reflectively about their own participation and preparedness on a systematic basis, opening avenues for both personal growth and academic development. We will look at various examples of self-assessment participation rubrics from fellow faculty at TCU, and discuss important considerations and best practices. This workshop will also include time for you to begin crafting a rubric you can use this semester.Register Online at