Date(s) - Wednesday January 4
1:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Rees-Jones Hall, Room 216

As we incorporate more active learning and student engagement strategies in our courses—and expect more engagement and responsibility from our students—we might need to re-think our evaluation of participation and preparedness. These elements can be tricky to assess: How do we measure quality versus quantity? How can we really know if students are prepared for class? And how do we keep track of it all? In this workshop, we’ll explore methods for putting this evaluation in the students’ hands by using a self-assessment rubric. Students will think intentionally and reflectively about their own participation and preparedness on a systematic basis, opening avenues for personal growth and academic development. We will look at various examples of this type of self-assessment rubric and discuss important considerations and best practices. This workshop will include time to start crafting a rubric you can use this semester.

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