Date(s) - Wednesday November 11
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Smith Hall, Room 104B

Have you thought about incorporating Twitter into your classes but weren’t sure how to make it work? Or do you think it might be too complicated? If so, this workshop is for you! I will introduce you to the “twitterverse,” demonstrate a number of ways you can use Twitter to increase student engagement, and give you some best practices to get you started. This is a hands-on workshop so please bring your favorite device with you.

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Tracey Rockett

This event will be presented by Tracey Rockett.  As the Koehler Center Distance Education fellow, Tracey Rockett will work to bring technology to both traditional and virtual classrooms.  She sees her role as being an ambassador for virtual education—demonstrating the advantages of using technology and the ease with which the technology can be learned and used.  Tracey will facilitate workshops; write articles for the Koehler Center’s Insights Magazine; and work one-on-one with faculty interested in developing the digital content of their classes and expanding the experience beyond the classroom.  She has been teaching classes in the online space, both fully online and hybrid, for almost ten years and has presented papers on distance education at several conferences. She will continue gathering data on the uses and outcomes of technology in the classroom and will share those findings with the TCU community. Tracey looks forward to collaborating with other interested individuals to find new opportunities for their classes.